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fourwords sessions #4 // TEA x Hardy and Pas

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Whatup world! Here’s our 4th installment of the magic that is fourwords sessions. Filmed with one of my (personal) favourite Adelaide bands, mother fucking TEA.

This is one of the last videos ever shot in our fourwords warehouse (RIP) and what a way to see it out… a 9 minute video of TEA shredding it a new one. Filmed by Hardy and Pas.

Strap yourselves in for the ride of your life and stay tuned next week for our ‘bonus’ fourwords sessions featuring an interstater! (and then check the rest of them out here)

local band x local film producer

Filmed & Directed by Hardy & Pas
Edited & Colour by Hardy & Pas

Produced by Hardy & Pas & fourwords

‘Home for Christmas’
Written and Performed by TEA; © 2012

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