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Jinja Safari – interview

New Zealand’s Opossom, Los Angeles’ White Arrows and Australia’s very own Jinja Safari are combing their hair, shining their shoes and putting on their Sunday best for a triple-headline tour around Australia that is sure to spark some long-term relationships with fans.
Catch them all tomorrow night at the Unibar. Tickets are $35 + bf from moshtix here!

We caught up with Jinja Safari ahead of their gig tonight:

Describe your sound in four words, no more no less, without using
the letter ‘e’


Your Toothless Grin film clip is pretty out there, what’s the story
behind it?

A young man in his mid 20s has a quarter life identity crisis and goes off in search of a couple answers.

It looks like I’m witnessing an acid trip…….. …. am i?

No acid was consulted in the making of this clip.

How much alfoil, cardboard and those little white bud things did you
go through for that clip?!

None. That was all official space stuff that we borrowed from John Travolta’s space team.

What’s the idea behind ‘the blind date’ tour… should we be expecting
random hook ups to occur frequently?

Up to y’all. We’ll be watching.

You’ve got Mitzi, Opossom & Clubfeet on the remix duties for
Toothless Grin, why were those bands in particular chosen? Did you
consider getting all of them on the tour with you?

I think the remixes that Mitzi, Opossom, and Clubfeet did were cool – i’m saying that on the off chance they read this – but also I think the Opossom remix was so funny, its well worth a listen. It is like a shoegaze stadium version, with live audience added to give atmosphere and all..

Your set at Splendour this year has been gathering a lot of kudos,
how do you feel your live shows have developed now Jinja Safari are
to be considered one of our more seasoned touring acts?

Seasoned? We’ve been playing live for 2 years! We are still scared Sh@#!*!!!**$#@T’less… Splendour was the biggest show we’ve played and it was so much fun. We made a mess of a few songs, but I don’t think anyone realized, everyone was just pinging on festival vibration.

You’ve played plenty of festivals before but you recently
played Womadelaide here in Adelaide, what was that like for you
guys as a band? Much the same or a totally different experience?
Did you have many oldies watching from their picnic rugs and deck

You are totally right about Womadelaide, it was a completely different vibe – we said we were going to focus on our musicality for those shows, because there we so many great ‘real’ Afro Beat bands there, and it seemed like people had a bit more of a ‘seasoned’ world music festival eye… But once we got on stage again, the nerves took over and turned into five white boys in the midst of Ragatone Kaoss…

Bonus video – Jinja Safari’s recent rendition of R kelly’s ‘Ignition’ for Triple J’s ‘Like a Version’:

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