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The Panda Band

Perth dudes The Panda Band are set to tour Australia touring their album ‘Charisma Weapon’.

The Panda Band could be best described as art-tech-indie-pop. Art: because of their crafty arrangements – tech: because they play with effects, keys and samples – indie: because by choosing to run their own label, they sit in the drivers seat, – and pop: because they are big on catchy, layered melodies and sing-a-long bits.

Recently returning to the touring circuit after an extended break from the Australian spotlight, The Panda Band were received back with open arms at this years 2011 WAMIS… “It was nice to see The Panda Band back up on stage” Triple J Home&Hosed blog.

Definitely all positives!  They literally have over a dozen dates they’re playing around Australia and will hit Adelaide on Sunday August 21st at the Metro Hotel. Sa-weet!

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Here’s a little tune to refresh the memory!

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